Something I forgot to mention that Theater Hopper is involved with is the new comics-for-your-video-iPod service Clickwheel.

A few of my contemporaries are involved, but I’ve been slow to get on the horse. The process is simple. All you need to do is go to the site and choose your favorite comic. Check out the episodes they have available and download it. The best part about it? IT’S TOTALLY FREE!

Even if you don’t have a video iPod, it’s worth it for you to check out. Any time there’s the opportunity for web comics to cross over into another medium, I think we should be there to support it.

Right now Theater Hopper only has one episode uploaded to the site. It’s a version of comic #500 and the introduction of evil movie theater floor manager Victor Kresh. I plan on uploading the other two strips in that story arc soon.

Bookmark Clickwheel now and keep checking back for new episodes uploaded to the site. If it proves popular, I might start uploading Clickwheel-exclusive content. Not full strips, or anything. Maybe additional sketches or small one-panel jokes. It’s my hope to eventually work forward enough on the comic that you can go out there and download a strip before it posts to the site. But in three and a half years I’ve never worked ahead on anything, so the odds of that are probably small.

At any rate, check out Clickwheel!