First things first. Today is the VERY LAST DAY that you can order t-shirts, hoodies and baby-doll tees. At MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (On Halloween, no less! Spooky!) I will be closing down this area of the store and will no longer be taking orders. That means this will be your last chance in a good while to get your hands on the “Spoiler” shirt, “Professional Movie-Goer,” “Johnny Number 5” and “Pimp Tom.”

It is also important to note that this will be the LAST TIME you can get your hands on “Truman in a Purse,” “Under Construction” and “Emerging.” After today, these designs will be retired – available for purchase NO MORE!

Once the store has been closed and all orders have been received, I will gather the information and submit to the printer the final tally of shirts, hoodies and baby-dolls needed. It is likely that there will be a two week turn around. Perhaps longer since we are approaching the holiday season and my printer is responsible to other clients. Once the shirts have been sent to me, I will then package and distribute from there. It’ll probably be another week added to the process. So, in short, you can expect to see your order sometime around the third week of November.

Thanks to everyone who has shown their support to the site with their purchases. You’ve helped me more than you know. It is your generosity and support that helps keep Theater Hopper going and I sincerely appreciate it. I am very excited for the future of the store and the new designs I will be bringing you in the future – as well as many exciting new products to satiate your desire for all thing Theater Hopper!

I’ll be back later today with commentary on the comic and incentive “sketch”.

Thanks again!