Since I don’t have much in terms of content to deliver to you guys today, I wanted to take a moment to draw your attention to my good friend Beefy.

Beefy is a prominent member of the Theater Hopper online community affectionately referred to as the THorum. Beefy also has quite a talent for words set to music. Otherwise known as "rapping" to all the kids. I hear it’s quite popular.

Beefy is a musician at the forefront of the emerging nerd-core scene. Chances are if you hang out on the internet with any regularity, love Star Wars and comic books, his new EP "Nerd" will be right up your alley.

Maybe you’re the type of person who appreciates "phat" rhymes and "tight" beats. Well, in that case, Beefy’s EP will be right up your alley, too.

Support my good friend Beefy. He’s got some great songs for you to listen to and they don’t cost a lot of dough. I know he would appreciate your support so he can continue to produce his original sound and bring it to the world.