Bonus points to Ali Graham for delivering a rockin’ guest strip. Any comic that has fun with Jared’s well-document hatred of all things related to Ben Affleck warms my heart. The good lad has been paying attention to the comic!

Unless you live under a rock that doesn’t get the internet, Ali is the fevered mind behind the web comic HOUSD. Ali has been consistently knocking out great work since March of 2003 and has a jaw-dropping 750+ comics in his archive.

Ali’s really upped his profile lately, churning out not one, but TWO great guest strips for my friend Zach over at Joe and Monkey back to back! So I feel pretty honored that Ali could squeeze me in! šŸ˜‰

Thanks again, Ali!

↓ Transcript
Ben! Com on. The service is about to start!

I know he's out there!

Jeez are you still paranoid about that guy who keeps punching you?

This is a secret wedding! We have security everywhere! There is no way that he's here!

You're right! I guess I was just being silly!

Sorry Padre! But if you'd seen Pearl Harbour, you would understand!