Hey, everyone! I’m back from Texas!

First, I have to say thank you to fellow Dayfree Press alumni Jim Burgess of Able & Baker for his great guest strip today. For some reason, I’m really excited by the idea of “Office Wookie.” Do you think NBC is desperate enough to film a pilot?

At any rate, check out Jim’s comic. It’s criminally underrated. The writing is sharp as a tack!

Second, since I’m back home, I have a new sketch for you guys to check out if you vote for Theater Hopper at buzzComix. It’s my take on the forementioned Able & Baker.

Thanks for keeping Theater Hopper up there in the rankings while I was away, guys! That was very awesome of you!

As a reward for your dilligence, I’ve posted a HUGE message recapping my whole trip right here. It might take a while to load – there are about 30 pictures – but I think it’s kind of a fun read and you get a little insight as to what I was up to for the last 6 days.

Need a little preview? Okay, try this on for size:

I must stress for the record that I am NOT DRUNK in this picture. They caught me mid-blink, okay?

I have more thoughts, but I’ll save them for later. I’m tired after posting that huge message in the THorum!

I’ll be back later!

↓ Transcript
I can't believe your' note excited about Episode III.

I just haven't seen anything to get excited about.

We now return to Office Wookie

Wookie! Take these forms down to accounting and...



Now do you understand?!

I suppose if don't get it now I never will.