Wow! From the number 5 slot to number 3 at buzzComix in just one day! I should leave you guys hanging more often!

Just kidding. Sorry about the lack of blogage yesterday, but when I finished the comic Sunday night, I just wasn’t up to it. Come Monday, I barely had time to ∗look∗ at a computer. So it got shuffled off until this morning.

I didn’t see The Ring Two this weekend nor do I plan on ever seeing it. I loved the first movie. It was so much more than just a horror flick with cheap thrills. It was genuinely creepy. LOTS of unanswered questions and a gloomy atmosphere that clings to you like a cold, wet sheet.

And even though the Japanese director of the source material Ringu was behind the lens of the American sequel, from what I’ve read, he severely overestimates the effect of trickling water to spook American audiences.

Incidentally, Monday’s comic was less a commentary on the movie itself, but more a general stab at sequelitis – the horrible affliction of Hollywood studios to recycle the same concepts over and over. In order for Naomi Watts’ character to be sucked in again by this haunted video, the script – by default – is going to force her to make some really stupid decisions.

Yes, I know, I know. There are several sequels in Japan. Even a Ring 0 (natch). But that doesn’t always make things right.

Switching gears – I don’t know about you, but since The Incredibles came out last Tuesday, I’ve been in full-on Pixar mode all week. I instantly devoured the bonus materials on DVD and have watched the movie twice already. I don’t know what it is about Brad Bird that I find so magnetic, but I respect the hell out of that guy. He’s like this patriarch of creative nerds. Something you could aspire to be.

The film is more visually arresting every time you watch it. And like and great film, you keep catching little details in every viewing. Anything from a side glance one character throws to another, to the astonishing level of detail they put into the jungle environments. The movie is grade-A level filmmaking and there is a lot to be learned from it.

I’m so wrapped up in all things Pixar at the moment, I even went back and watched Toy Story 2! Now THERE’S an example of a sequel done right!

Something I didn’t get a chance to mention earlier, but am making up for now was the guest comic I did for Zach over at Joe and Monkey. It was posted on Sunday. If you want to check it out, click here.

Be sure to skip backwards through a few of the other guest comics that were posted last week. A lot of them are real winners.

Actually, you know what? You should be familiar with the Joe and Monkey archives just as a rule. It’s a brilliant comic.

Something else I’ve been negligent to do is to point out the good people who have chosen to advertise with Theater Hopper in the last few weeks.

I totally missed the boat when it came to highlighting Split Reason Clothing. Their ad is no longer running on the site, but I strongly encourage you check them out. These guys sell a whole bunch of cool t-shirts and other apparel. I’ve always really liked their designs. Secretly, I’m jealous I can’t come up with visuals just as good for ∗this∗ site.

I don’t know why there aren’t as many one-panel gag comics out there as their should be. Maybe it’s a lack of sussinct wit on behalf of most writers. I think it’s a pretty specific talent. In any case, Basketcase Comix does a great job with the format and you should check it out.

Our newest advertiser is Rumf Adventures. For some reason, it reminds me of Pogo by Richard Davidson or maybe Bone by Jeff Smith. It kind of has that old-world design that is very economical but very effective.

You’ll also want to be sure and check out Kendara. They’re advertising both on the front page and in the THorum. It’s a really well-illustrated fantasy comic.

At the other end of the spectrum is Whisky Sours, which is also well-illustrated, but the fantasy elements are completely alcohol-induced. It really lives up to its name! Check out their site. Wonderfully designed.

Speaking of site design, I’m undergoing a little site redesign of my own for Theater Hopper. Progress has been slow-going, but once I get some of the templates in place, I think I will be able to start introducing in a little bit at a time to you guys. Some parts of the site will be inaccessible for a little while. Obviously the comic and the blogs will be revised first. I’ll probably follow up with the store, and then the rest of the pages should fall like dominoes.

Anyway, just letting you know what’s going on in my life. Thanks for reading all this gobbely-gook!