In the THorum, I have a friend who posts under the handle “Beefy”. Beefy is a good guy. Beefy is musically talented. Beefy has a website. Beefy has just released an album.

It’s called “The Whitesican EP” and it’s available – FOR FREE – on Beefy’s site, right here.

Beefy wants you to know that while you can download 8 songs for free (!!!), he appreciates donations. If you donate $5, you get a 9th song added to your queue, and you get that warm ember glowing in your soul that says, “Hey, you just supported someone’s art. Good for you.”

If you’re fans at all of Albino Blacksheep, you might have seen a Flash version of “Whitesican” appears on the site. I’ll tell you right now that I have the MP3 version of this song as well as the others on my iPod right now. Another stand-out is “David’s Sister”

Why don’t you check out Beefy’s album and give it a download?