In case you missed it, there was an extra comic yesterday. Expect another one tomorrow.

Today’s comic is something real-life Cami probably wouldn’t be very happy with. She doesn’t tend to appreciate the strips where I depict her as physically abusive. But it’s a light slap, honest! I just thought it seemed like one of those opportunities where the husband does something well-meaning and the wife flips it around on them like in some kind of family-friendly sitcom. Maybe I’ve been watching too much Everybody Loves Raymond.

In any case, you should really check out the buzzComix incentive sketch I put together. I think it really compliments today’s comic well. I’m really happy with it.

Not much to report at the moment. Oh, hey. The Fantastic Four trailer is online. You should check it out. It’s better than I thought it would be, but I’m still firmly planted in the “wait and see” camp. The Thing still doesn’t look quite right to me. They’re going to have to do something really impressive to wash off the stink of that direct-to-video Roger Corman version from 1994.

Did you notice that I have a few ad spots available? Don’t you think now would be a good time to fill them? I do. Check the advertisements page for all the info you’ll need to place a banner on the site. Pricing, availability, the works.

By the way, you should think about buying some buttons. They’re a lot of fun and I’m getting kind of antsy looking for an excuse to make some more!

↓ Transcript
You know, Tom. I think you had the right idea coming to the theater. It’ll give me time to find a little peace after what happened with charlie.

Two for Elektra, please.

Well, if you want to keep that attitude intact, don’t look to your right.

What the heck is she doing here - stalking me or something?

I can’t get a break!

One for Elektra, please.

And why would you tell me not to look to my right if you didn’t want me to see what was at my right?!