Everyone stop what they’re doing and visit our two newest sponsors Suzie View and Syntax Error Comics. They’re both excellent and both need your support.

Syntax Error has recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. For a comic rendered wholly in 3-D, that’s quite an accomplishment! I love Syntax Error. The character models are great and the writing is consistently sharp. The personalities of the characters really shine and I love reading it.

Suzie View is another great comic. You might have heard the news a couple of months ago that Tauhid Bondia (Spells and Whistles) and Erik McCurdy (It’s All Been Done) joint project took a step closer to print syndication when Comics.com picked them up and put them on their site.

What you might not know is that Comics.com is owned by United Media, one of the largest syndicates in the United States. Suzie View has reached a critical juncture in its ascension. If Tauhid and Erik can bring more people to the site and raise their traffic, there is a good possibility that United Media will renew their contract with FULL PRINT DISTRIBUTION!

This would be a major accomplishment in the world of web comics. Tauhid and Erik’s creation would be one of the very few comics to make the leap from digital to print and it would lend great credibility to the medium as a whole.

Please support Suize View and revel in the adventures of a precocious little girl who loves to make independent movies. The comic makes great references to the world of cinema. Anyone who likes Theater Hopper should LOVE Suzie View.