Since I created an Aliens vs. Predator showdown in last Friday’s incentive sketch and depicted a face hugger attacking Tom in Wednesday’s sketch, I had a request from someone in the THorum to draw a chestburster. So I did. Vote for Theater Hopper at buzzComix if you want to see it.

I went outside the lines a little with my rendering. Since I pretty much gave you the goods in panel three of today’s strip, I decided to have a little fun with things. Anyone who’s a fan of Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs will recognize what I’m referencing.

In other buzzComix news, apparently Jeff Rowland of W.I.G.U. and John Allison of Scary Go Round have decided to join the race for the top spot and it has everyone… well, BUZZING! Why I’ve decided to help the competition by directly linking to them, I’ll never know. But both are quality comics and actually, I think their addition could really class things up at buzzComix. I say this with the full knowledge that their participation could knock me off the Top 10.


(Do I sound desperate enough, yet?)

At any rate, I’m still having a grand old time making fun of Alien vs. Predator. Truthfully, I could probably keep going with this. I have another comic idea in the bin for Monday.

Even though I complain about how poor the final movie was, that doesn’t mean it isn’t ripe for parody! Particularly the largest bone of contention in the movie among franchise fans – The gestation period of the Aliens.

I’m not going to go into a huge rant about it, but in AvP, it seems like it literally takes minutes for the Aliens to complete their life cycle from egg, to face hugger, to an implanted embryo, to chestburster and finally, to drone.

Some people have suggested the speed of the process was enhanced by the Predators who did so to accelerate the hunt. There are even reports that director Paul Anderson has said the same thing, but that it wasn’t communicated in the movie because the movie studio – Fox – mucked with the editing.

Personally, I chalk it up to piss-poor film making. It would have taken literally two minutes to explain why there are full grown Aliens running around the temple two scenes after the first group of humans were attacked by the face huggers.

And DON’T give me any crap about the audience not having an accurate reference for how much time passes in the film. I didn’t hear anyone say “I’m so tired! We’ve been running for hours! We should stop for sleep!” Especially not in a pyramid that reconfigures every 10 minutes.

At any rate, that’s my two cents. I was hoping to find something nice to wrap this up with, but I ran out of steam. So there you have it.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Stop by the THorum if you’re not busy, log in and say “Hi!”

↓ Transcript
If Alien Vs. Predator is to be believed, the gestation period for the average alien has decreased dramatically.


... from egg...

... to facehugger...


It tickles!

... to chestburster...

Like, OW!

... to drone...

I just celebrated my 21st birthday 30 seconds ago!

... to cantankerous senior citizen in about 20 minutes...

When I was younger, humans were crunchier!

Great story, Gramps.