Well, I’m back in the comic saddle, as it were. There are certain perks that go along with that. Like an extra incentive sketch for you! Click here to vote for Theater Hopper on buzzComix and see what happens to Tom when he gets a little too close to one of those creepy Alien egg-things… We’ve kind of slipped down the charts a little bit at buzzComix, so hopefully this new sketch will help Theater Hopper jump up a couple places on the list.

One last shout-out to Dave Hinkle who gave me an excellent guest comic on Monday to help me get back into the groove after the Chicago convention. Check out his comic, Security’s Finest for me, will you? Dave’s guest comic has been removed from the archive and now found a home on the Bonus Materials page.

What do you think of the extra-special cameo in today’s comic?

↓ Transcript
Watching Alien Vs. Predator is a bi-polar cinema experience. You'll see think you've wanted to see your whole life...

Oh, man. Lance Henriksen is doing the knife trick like he did in Aliens.

That's awesome!

Hey, kids! It's Zach Miller!

...only to have your hopes dashed by a total disregard for the individual franchise mythologies...

What is the gestation period of the aliens in this film? Two minutes?

My intelligence has been insulted!

...just before tossing in something else awesome.

He just made a shield for her with a hollowed out alien skull!

My faith has been restored!

Meanwhile, anyone coming into the movie without ever seeing an Aliens or Predator movie will have no clue what they just saw.

So were the Predator and the human dating at the end?