Since it’s a Friday and we seem to be doing “shout out’s”, I’ve decided to link up a couple of dudes I think you should check out.

First, whydoncha head on over to Please do not confuse this site with my former hosting company. People in the web comic community are already familiar with Fuitad. He’s the guy who came up with Top Web Comics. Well, he owned a hosting company for a while – the one TH was having problems with – but sold it two months ago. Long before we were having any issues.

At any rate, Fuitad helped me get out from under that hosting situation and allowed for Theater Hopper to move to a new server. As a way to return the favor, I want you all to check out his site. He has a comic, by the way. It’s drawn pretty well!

Another site I want you to visit is a comic that you will be talking about for a long time to come. Don’t ask me how I know. I just know. It’s called The Useless Superheroes and the illustration on this comic is OUTSTANDING! It’s a loving parody of the superhero genre. If you read comic books like I do, you’ll appreciate all of the references. It’s extremely well done.

Also, because Zach Miller is the most handsome man in Minnesota, check out his new web comic, Joe & Monkey. Just so you know, he