You may not have noticed, but I’ve been quietly going back through the archives and updating all the old comics with their corresponding blogs.

Readers that have been with us longer might remember that I used to have a separate HTML page for each comic. When we switched over to archiving the comics and blogs with PHP, a lot of the blogs were dropped from the site. I had to re-enter them to get them back on the site. Over 100 comics were missing blogs.

Well, I’ve finally finished this task and it’s like a HUGE weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

I’m almost positive no one cares what I thought about Al Pacino’s performance in Simone from over a year ago. Frankly, I re-read a lot of the stuff I said when I was first starting out and laugh.

But for me, it was important to get these blogs back in action because otherwise, things just felt half-assed. I hate that feeling.

Of course, the true irony of this is after I’ve completed all this hard work, I will likely have to reformat several aspects of the blogs when I eventually switch the site design to a structure utilizing more CSS and XHTML. The PHP archives will stay in place, but XHTML gets picky when it comes to some of the tags that can be found in the behind-the-scenes scripting.


Time for a little “Toot My Own Horn” moment. I learned this week that Theater Hopper was the proud winner of the “Best Environment” award as handed out by the good folks over the buzzAwards.

Basically it means that of the nominated comics, they felt Theater Hopper was the best at promoting a community atmosphere, had an easy to navigate structure and that I as the creator was accessible and accommodating.

That’s a pretty big validation. My thanks to the judges.

I think that’s about it for now. You’re probably wondering why I’ve made no mention of Catwoman yet.

Honestly, people. Why kick an Oscar winner when she’s down? That move had wavy stink lines emanating from it way back when it was still in production.