Today’s comic springs from truth, to a degree. It was actually ME who was in Toys R’ Us this weekend when I spotted this handsome fellow – a 12″ Deluxe Van Helsing figure. Not sure what’s going on with that expression. He looks a little more constipated rather than ready to vanquish evil.

Anyway, I saw this figure and I was trying to imagine who is buying them? The idea of Cami buying one for herself to swoon over was too funny to pass up. Combing its hair like a Barbie? C’mon!

If I recall correctly, Cami’s not much of a Hugh Jackman fan in real life. It’s understandable since her only context of the thespian is as Wolverine in the X-Men movies, which she doesn’t much care for. Getting her to see Van Helsing this weekend could be tricky, but I think the lure of an “event” movie will be enough to circumnavigate any hesitation.

Is it just me, or do these “summer” blockbusters seem to be coming earlier each year? If you went by Hollywood’s clock, summer starts sometime at the end of April. They must share the same timetable as the shopping malls that start celebrating Christmas in October.

That’s all for now. I’m tired. Like “dark-circles-under-my-eyes-since-5:00-P.M.” tired.

Later, cats.

↓ Transcript
Cami! I’m home from a long day at work!


What’s this? A Toys ‘R Us bag? But I didn’t buy any toys this week...

But why would Cami shop at Toys ‘R Us? ... Unless! ...

She bought a present for me!

Ooo, Van Helsing. Your hair is so long and luxurious!

A little Hugh Jackman all for myself!

So manly!