So I was sitting around the house trying to think up a premise for today’s comic when it dawned on me that I haven’t yet talked about the brand new Spider-Man 2 trailer.

Cami and I were away in Vegas when it was given it’s world premier during the finale of The Apprentice. And like true losers, we were in our hotel room that night watching. Thank goodness for room service!

Anyway, it’s almost two weeks later and I’ve yet to bring it up. I figured it was time to address the oversight.

Like any dyed-in-the-wool comic book geek, I loved every second of the trailer. It shows a lot without showing a lot… if that makes sense. I was particularly impressed with the CG Spidey this time around. He seemed more fluid. Faster. Almost as if they’re depicting him as having greater control over his powers. That small snipped of him leaping into the subway car and hanging sideways off that handrail spoke VOLUMES to me.

At first I was worried that they had cast Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus, but after watching the trailers, I have faith. I think it’s important that they continue to cast actors who can convey actual menace instead of some kind of gimmick casting (Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze, anyone?)

I remember reading that Sam Raimi wanted to spend as much time, money and effort as possible in making Doc Ock’s mechanical arms an actual working apparatus instead of a CG effect. You can really tell where the money is being sunk into this thing. Those arms look DARN good.

Anyway, that’s enough geeking out for the moment. Remember that time is running out on placing your pre-order for Theater Hopper t-shirts. Be sure to submit your order now so I can mail you a shirt when the first batch comes in! Click the link above for all the latest information!

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So what did you think of the new Spider-Man 2 trailer?


I have to go now.

Wow! I thought that was only possible in cartoons!

Actually, I had a break-away wall installed for just such an occasion.

Thanks for noticing!