One of these days, Alice! Bang! Zoom! Right to the moon!

I don’t know how you guys are planning on reacting to the comic, but I’m hoping you don’t register it as a major Monday morning drag.

I mean, I know it isn’t gut-bustingly funny, but it has pathos. It’s bittersweet. Maybe I just felt like showing another side of myself today. I dunno.

I can say that today’s comic was born out of similar circumstances of my life. As I reported last week, Cami went to the Mega Mall with her Mom and sister over the weekend, leaving me to my own devices. I must be the most boring man on the planet, because I fail to see any opportunities in this situation other than watching movies that Cami didn’t want to see with me.

I didn’t make it out to the theater (I wanted to see Triplets of Bellville, but it was playing at 4:50 Sunday and Cami was coming back at 6:00), but I DID rent Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (that’s Rebellion der Maschinen to you, buddy.

I didn’t see the movie when it was in theaters last summer because I was hearing a lot of mixed reviews. Plus, I think I seriously burned some bridges in the action sci-fi realm with Cami after I dragged her to see Hulk. But it watched it on Saturday night, and I’ll say… It wasn’t bad.

I think the movie had a lot of potential, but a lot of it flew at the window thanks to logic problems and inconsistencies. For example, when Arnold steals a car at the beginning, he checks the overhead visor for the keys. Something he learned from Edward Furlong’s character in the last movie. But that model Terminator was destroyed. How does this new model know to look for the keys there?

Kristanna Loken’s T-X character can control other machines, including cars and whatnot. A car’s acceleration isn’t controlled by electronics, but I think hydraulics. So a gas accelerator wouldn’t depress. Is that right? I don’t know. But it made me question it, instantly taking me out of the movie. There were lots of little things like that.

I suppose there were still parts of the movie that I liked. The crane chase sequence was impressive. So was Arnold’s fight with the T-X in the bathroom. What really floored me was when they arrived at the bunker at Crystal Lake and the Doomsday message hadn’t gotten to the President. That was a nice Serling-esque twist.

But overall, I think I was a little bothered by how Arnold chose to play the Terminator a little lighter than he had in the last two movies. Maybe that’s just part of him getting older and not being so hard core all the time. But if you had introduced the Terminator from the third movie to the unstoppable killing machine of the first movie, it would have severely limited that films cultural impact. Aside from the crane chase, I felt most of T3 was on mute.

Anyway, movie reviews aside, Cami is back home now and we’re hanging out watching The Simpsons, The Soprano’s and Curb Your Enthusiasm like any other Sunday night. I’m glad she’s home. Hopefully with her home, I can relocate my muse in charge of the funny for Wednesday – St. Patrick’s Day! See you then!

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With Cami away for the weekend, I can see any movie I want!


Hmm... Looks like it's only me and that old couple at this afternoon's matinee.

I don't know what's more pathetic: Hanging out in a movie theater on a Sunday afternoon with a couple of geezers...

...or not having anyone with me to make fun of them!