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So it’s been 3 days since the Oscars and the hoopla has all died down. Now that we have some distance from the glitz and the glamour, general consensus seems to be that this was one of the most BORING Oscar telecasts ever.

Don’t get me wrong, like every other geek worth his salt, I’m beaming with pride over The Lord of The Rings: The Return of The King eleven for eleven sweep. But the film purist in me cringes a little. It indicates some degree of laziness among voters. As if it was simply *easier* to hand over the statuettes to LotR for everything it was nominated in. I fear Academy members didn’t truly inspect the nominated films on an individual basis.

The problem is compounded when you consider this is less about honoring The Return of The King and more about honoring the franchise as a whole. It’s as if the Academy were applauding a bold business model instead of delivering accolades to art. I mean, whose to say if The Return of The King was any better than The Two Towers. Weren’t they all essentially ONE movie.

One movie… to rule them all?…

But it’s out of my system now. I’m onto the next thing. Such are the fickle demands of the American short attention span!

I already have my eye on Starsky & Hutch for this Friday. I’m not particularly wild about the concept. I mean, remaking old TV shows into movies died out after The Beverly Hillbillies flopped.

No, my interest is piqued because it’s being directed by Todd Phillips and I’m quite fond of his previous works Road Trip and Old School (more the latter than the former). If this picture flies, he’ll have earned himself a tidy little comedy hat trick. A rare feat for an up-and-coming director.

Besides, I hear it has a killer Will Ferrell cameo in it!

Watch this space on Friday for some Huggy Bear-style pimpin’!

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So the Oscars were kind of predictable this year...


Heh. Thanks.

Let's just put it this way: The Oscars were SO predictable, everyone in our office pool got their money back!