I just wanted to call everyone’s attention to a few things.

First, please visit our latest advertiser Stickman Limited. The name of the comic is an apt description – truth in advertising! – but it’s a good comic, so please loan them a little link-love.

You’ll notice their advertisement right beneath the comic. I wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone that this is your opportunity to also place an ad in this space. This is a great bargain, folks. 50,000 ad views for $7. The crew at Stickman Limited was smart enough to know a great deal when they see one.

Wanted to hook up my good friend Brian Carroll over at Instant Classic with a shout out. The server that IC was being hosted on was struck by the MyDoom virus. That’s why you didn’t see his site for a while. Then, once they brought it back up, he lost FTP access to his server. Well, everything is back to normal now and as a matter of fact, Brian just uploaded a new strip today. Welcome him back!

Lastly, did anyone notice this? How long has it been out there?