I know, I know! I promised there would be a new strip ready on Friday and I didn’t deliver. I feel terrible about it! But you know how it goes. Friends and family are all around you during the holidays and you need to make room in your life for them. I had good friends in town from Minneapolis on Friday afternoon, so I made my choice. Can you forgive me?

I wish I had more to talk about at the moment, but my schedule has been seriously thrown for a loop. I keep thinking it’s Sunday. In fact, I’ve been under the impression it’s been Sunday since… well, since Wednesday.

Despite what the comic depicts, I haven’t holed up in the basement watching movies all week. I actually let Cami tag along! Seriously, though. I think we’ve plowed through about half a dozen movies in the last couple of days. We’re really making record time.

Sorry again for the late strip. But here’s hoping the wait was worth it! Take it easy!

↓ Transcript
It happens after every Christmas. Tom takes his bounty of DVDs he's been given as gifts and retreats into the basement for a never-ending movie marathon!

My precioussss!

I don't see him for days! He refuses to come up for friends, family... even to bathe!

I try to accommodate him as best I can...

Tom! I've brought snacks!

...but his behavior is starting to scare me!

HISSSSS! Leave the Doritosssss by the stairsssss!