And thus ends The Posterior Effect storyline. The moral of the story? Be sure to flex your butt muscles every day so you can be victorious against bullies and win the affections of the ladies!

Godspeed, all. Godspeed.

Like many of you, I went to see the final installment of The Lord of The Rings trilogy on Wednesday night. What can I say? It certainly delivered on many levels for me. I got to see everything I wanted to see and probably more. The battle scenes were excellent. They raised the bar in terms of visual mayhem. And all those wide shots and soaring, overhead views of sweeping landscapes! It’s enough to give a cineophile vertigo!

I don’t know if I could properly dissect the many ways I enjoyed the film. Truth be told, I’m still digesting it two days later. If I spend any time thinking of it, not only do I reminisce about The Return of The King, but I also marvel at just how well made ALL three movies were. If Peter Jackson doesn’t nab the Best Director Oscar this year for the overwhelming accomplishment of his trilogy, the blood of the Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences voting block will wash the streets of Hollywood. Watching the movie makes me want to read the books.

I guess if I were to pick one thing about the movie that I loved, it has to be the army of the dead. Those guys were fierce.

Not much else to say at the moment. It’s been a roller coaster week. Saying goodbye to Movie Punks and Movie Comics in one day was quite a blow. Then there have been boring ups and downs in my personal and professional lives. Nothing negative, just not worth rehashing here. Then on Sunday it’s my birthday.

Odd. I’m looking more forward to this birthday than I did when I turned 25 last year. Something about the off-years really captures my attention. I’m ready to celebrate. I’m looking forward to the holiday.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

↓ Transcript
Hey, pal. Mind if cut in lin here?

Actually, you inconsiderate jerk, I DO mind if you cut in line!

Maybe if I kicked your butt, you'd change your mind.

Give it your best shot, tough guy!

Tom, don't...


I warned you!

Let's go and enjoy our movie.

My hero!

owie owie owie owie owie owie owie owie owie owie owie owie owie owie owie