For those of you who came back to the site this weekend, I have a special post-Halloween treat for you! If you vote for Theater Hopper on buzzComix, you’ll get to see a very special Halloween piece of art I whipped up just for you! Consider it a reward for supporting Theater Hopper.

It’s really important to me that Theater Hopper breaks into the Top 10 over at buzz before Monday. I believe strongly that if we can get to that level by then, we have a really good chance of STAYING there for the rest of the month. Be sure to remember that if you vote today, you can come back and vote again tomorrow… and the day after that… and EVERY day! Just one simple click does more to help this site than you may realize, so please vote!

I think you’ll be really pleased with the extra artwork that I put together. I tried coloring it a little differently than I do the regular strip, so you can see if that’s something you would enjoy down the road. Could it be an indication of an evolution in my artistic style? You’ll have to vote to find out! And if you like it, let me know what you think in the forums!

Thanks again to everyone for their help! I’m lucky to have one of the friendliest and most generous fan bases is web comics. Thanks again!