Sorry, guys. But I just couldn’t wait to break out the new site design on ya!

Yep, so you may have noticed that some things have been shifted around. Really I was doing more pixel pushing than a flat-out redesign. But I felt there was so much space on the site going unused, I needed to rectify the situation.

Hopefully the site should load a little faster for everyone. I parsed down the background image and removed a lot of the includes that may have been slowing down some of the pages. The largest download you’re going to have is the most recent comic. Beyond that, things should be running much more smoothly. I think I’m already detecting a difference. Let me know if you guys encounter otherwise.

And while I mention it, if any of you notice something odd – a link that should or shouldn’t be, broken images, whatever – please contact me.

You’ll notice at the moment that two of the navigation links aren’t connected to anything – the store and the forum. Expect the store to be up later today. The forum will be down for the foreseeable future until I completely eliminate the bugs and can present to you a community hub that has all the bells and whistles I want on it.

Until then, wander around and check out the place. I feel like I did some major house cleaning – even if I didn’t go so far as to give the old war horse a new coat of paint…