If you read Friday’s blog, you know that Cami was actually out of town all this weekend. You think it would have afforded me the time to watch all the crazy movies I would otherwise have to wait and see.

Unfortunately, I spent the weekend cleaning out my sock drawers.

FORTUNATELY, when Cami came back on Sunday, we were able to make it to an evening showing of Kill Bill. Thank goodness, because if there is any movie out there right now that serves as water cooler fodder, this has got to be it.

I don’t know how I depth I can go in my review because I think everyone needs to see it. Don’t let what you’ve heard about the gore stop you. Yeah, there’s a lot of blood – but it’s much less disturbing than you think. It’s more comic and over the top.

Uma Thurman was bad-ass. I’ve always admired her detached cool and it’s played to brilliant effect here. I think Uma Thurman is to Quentin Tarantino as Grace Kelly was to Alfred Hitchcock. Props to QT for giving Sonny Chiba a cameo!

The cinematography in this film is breathtaking and it makes Kill Bill easily one of the most stylish films of the year. I was particularly impressed with the work with miniatures (the jumbo jet and downtown Tokyo cityscapes). Why is no one talking about this? Detail, I suppose.

What surprised me the most is how much Cami enjoyed the film. We would look at each other during some of the more abrupt instances of violence (beheadings, and whatnot) and she would cringe most distastefully – an expression I’m sure I mirrored. But it led me to believe she didn