So, Arnold Schwarzenegger is now the new governor of California. Good work, left-coasters. You’ve now supplanted Florida and that whole “hanging chad” debacle as our nations greatest embarassment.

I think voting a former Austrian bodybuilder into the highest office of your state probably wasn’t the wisest move, but it’ll make for some great late-nite fodder for the rest of us.

Some might view the Schwarzenegger election as a triumph of the openness of American politics. I view it for what it is – a big, freaky circus greased with the money of special interests who thought they could win over the worlds 5th largest economy with a little star power. Looks like their bet paid off.

In less scandalous news, Cami and I are finally getting around to seeing School of Rock tonight after work. I missed it over the weekend since I was at that convention, but I’ve heard nothing but good things.

Frankly, I don’t see how it could fail. I’m a big Jack Black fan and you know that director Richard Linklater will do it right. I’ve enjoyed all of his movies immensely.