Even though you have to reach a little bit for the punchline, I think today’s strip is one of the better pieces I’ve completed. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but in terms of art, a kind of cinematic pacing, the coloring – I couldn’t be more pleased. 🙂


Even though this is my second strip in regard to Freddy Vs. Jason, I won’t be seeing the title bout this weekend. Instead, I think Cami and I are going to see Open Range.

Despite my hatred of all things Kevin Costner, I think Open Range looks pretty good. I think we’re in the mood for something with more adult sensabilities – A movie that doesn’t involve pie-humping or explosions. Something a little more mature. Besides, it has Robert Duvall and Annette Benning in it, which more than makes up for the “Costner factor”.

I’m zeroing in on a new site design. If I can get it to work, you might have to say goodbye to the curtians. It’s a much more modular and less graphic-intensive design. The version in my head looks spectaculr. Now I have to see if I can translate it to the screen.

This has been a pretty good week site-wise. I have you guys to thank for it. Every one of you I speak to is so cool, I wish I could meet you in person. Reading Absath’s Oktagon recap over at Ctrl+Alt+Del got me thinking I should be attending more conventions.

I might be back later in the day. I have a couple of stray thoughts bouncing around in my head…

↓ Transcript
One... two... Freddy's comin' for you!

Three.. four.. better shut the door!


Man, no more Fruity Pebbles before bed time...