Sometimes I get e-mails asking me for favors because people seem to think I have some sort of influence over people. But I figure it can’t hurt to try, so here we go.

It may come to a shock to some of you, but Disneyland has torn down the Country Bear Jamboree Playhouse in favor of a new attraction. One of my loyal readers asked me to pass out a link to an online petition to save the Country Bears. So here it is:

It seems odd that Disney would remove the attraction after just releasing a live-action movie based on it the year before, but there you go.

The other request I received was from Chris Cantrell asking everyone to check out Asylumantics. Chris is taking pre-orders for his very first book – “JOYGASM!” and it looks like it’s going to be really cool. You guys should be checking out Chris’ site anyway because it has great art and the writing is whip-smart.

But yeah, that’s everything. Karma points for the day secured! 🙂