“I’ve got the Dungeon Master’s Guide / I’ve got a 12-sided die / I’ve got Kitty Pryde / and Nightcrawler too / Waiting there for me / Yes I do, I do” Weezer

So X-men 2 was pretty cool. My faith in comic book movies is restored. I really didn’t think the first movie was all that great, but I definitely liked this one. Though still slow in places due to multiple storyline, the good parts of this movie definitely made me forget about that.

Nightcrawler was awesome. The “invincible” Alan Cumming proved his worth. With the little bit I know about his character, plus Iceman’s developing story, I am compelled to go stand in line for X-3. Well as long as they play The Matrix Reloaded for me whilst I wait.

The weekend I also saw The Pianist. It was absolutely great. I am glad that Adrien Brody won an Oscar for it. It was well deserved.