Things might look a little odd around here for a week or two. I just recently converted the site from .shtml to .php using a handy script I picked up from Comrade F over at The Misc.

The changes shouldn’t affect how you, the reader encounter the site as a whole. But it does WONDERS in terms of organizing things for me on the back end.

With this script in place, there will be less likelihood of broken links and MORE blog updates since now I can input commentary into the site from any terminal with internet access. This goes the same for my friends Jared and Nick as well as my wife Cami – who should have more ease uploading content versus the old “send me a Word document” system we had going before. So in that respect, it’s good for you because you’ll be getting more diversified content.

The bad news is that all of the old blogs have been erased and need to be replaced through the .php script. That’s going to take some time, but I plan on starting at the beginning and steadily working my way toward the present.

Also on the fritz is the archive section. but it’s not a big loss because if you want to skip around to a specific strip, there is now a little menu bar underneath the blog. Actually, it’s more efficient than what we had before.

The last down side is for anyone who may have linked directly to a strip. Those links are gone now, but this doesn’t screw up those of you don’t have web sites.

Regardless, this is the new system and it’ll be a little bumpy putting it into place. If you see an errors or broken links, please contact me so I can fix them and thank you for your patience.