There’s no reason on Earth to assume that Road to Perdition was indirectly based on a comic-book. Watching the film, you certainly don’t get that feeling. None the less, it’s the truth. It’s just one of those little bits of trivia you whip out during polite conversation to prove just how “inside” you are when it comes to the behind-the-scene stuff. I’ll be my left nut there wasn’t a single person who watched this movie thinking “This looks like a comic book!” without some advance knowledge.

Of course, the term “comic book” tends to have negative connotations in this country. Chalk it up to the medium’s seedier pulp noir days. In Japan, the stuff is a friggin’ art form! All revered and stuff. They consider it actual literature. Now there’s a country I wouldn’t mind trading notes with.

I seriously don’t understand why comic books are dismissed so readily in the states. Something about their perceived youthful demographic makes them like books-with-training-wheels to most adults. But that’s simply not the case. There are tons of great stories being told with pretty pictures.

Let me ask you this: Why is it cool for someone over the age of… oh, let’s say 25, to dis a comic book, but then turn around and read some trash “novel” by Danielle Steel? Why is it acceptable to look down your nose at TV shows like Smallville, but that black hole of stereotypical dreck My Big Fat Greek Life gets a prime time spot behind 60 Minutes? Why do some people look down their nose at a film like Daredevil, but insist on seeing Maid in Manhattan twelve times?

I’m sure some would argue that the production values of comic book properties eternally ties it to the realm of low-grade cheese. But that’s less and less the case anymore.

Hmm… ran out of “rant power”… I guess all I’m saying is quit being such elitist snobs. Yeah. There you go.

In sad, sad, SAD news, I’m taking Cami to the airport this morning (VERY early – 4:00 AM – Yech!) so she can catch her flight to New York for a conference she’s attending. I’ll catch up with her on Saturday, but I don’t know what I’m gonna do with myself for three days. Probably laundry. Best not to think about it.

If you’re interested in participating in next week’s guest strip marathon, there are still spots available, so drop me a line. Comic dimensions should be no wider than 525 pixels (to keep the site layout from going all wonky). Funniest stuff goes to the fore. Try to include the TH characters if you can.

I gotta go to bed. Long day ahead of me tomorrow. My job is like, 15 minutes from the airport, so once I drop Cami off, there’s really no reason to go back home just to turn around and fight rush hour traffic. Oh, the things we do for those we love…

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I'm so glad we bought Road to Perdition on DVD.

Finally, we can sit down to watch an adult drama instead of some dumb comic book movie.

Actually, screenwriter Max Allan Collins based his script on a Japanese comic book - or manga - called "Kozure Okami" (Lone Wolf & Cub) by Kazuo Koike and Kojima. So in reality, this Oscar contender is a "comic book movie" at heart.

PFFFTT! Next think you'll tell me Nathan Lane is gay!

Well, actually, he is.

Oh my GOD!

Yeah. It kind of sneaks up on you, doesn't it.