Back on the clock again. Hope everyone is well.

Drawing today’s strip was weird. I was thrown all off my schedule. My wife was having this party Tuesday night at our house. And since Tuesday night is usually when I draw Wednesday’s strip, I need to put it together a day earlier.

It’s got me all messed up. I feel like this week is moving in reverse.

If there has every been a weird point of pride to being an Iowan, knowing someone like Ashton Kutcher can make it in Hollywood makes me feel a little better about being from The Hawkeye State.

I mean, you can kind of tell by looking at him that this is the kind of guy who probably coasted through high school on his looks and maybe isn’t all that bright. Really not too different from the character he plays on That 70’s Show. I mean, he dropped out of college to be an actor and was sweeping Cherrio’s dust at the General Mills plant in Cedar Rapids before being discovered. And this to me makes it all the more marvelous.

Keep in mind that Elijah Wood is also from Iowa. In fact, I think he came from Cedar Rapids, too. The talent scouts in that town must have it going on!

Regardless, you may be some backwater tyke with freaky big eyes and a disproportionate head, but one day, you could be the bearer of THE ONE RING. Something to think about.

I’m stepping out early on the blog today. Take it easy, everyone.

↓ Transcript
I've come up with a great idea to make money!

I saw an ad for Just Married starring Brittany Murphy and fellow Iowa native, Ashton Kutcher.

Using my Midwestern Charm, I'll get close to Ashton by reminding him of the good ol' days back in the Heartland.

Then, when he least expects it...


Maybe if you got a job, you could pay me that $50 bet you lost.

Hoverboards are real! I don't care what the Back to the Future DVD commentary track says!