Oooo! It’s FRIDAY THE 13th, kids! Don’t step on a cat while crossing over a ladder, or some other dumb crap like that.

Big thanks to the awesome crew of Mall Monkeys for letting me have a little fun with their characters. I don’t think there isn’t a soul on Earth that doesn’t already know about this comic, but if you don’t, you need to visit them now. It deftly blends the bizarre, the obscene and the weird – The makings of greatness. And they’re good guys to boot.

Not much to say in today’s blog that wasn’t covered yesterday. Basically I still really want to see Star Trek: Nemesis. But we’ll have to see if I win the battle of wills against my wife.

If you guys are interested to see what I do for a living, you can take a look at it up close. The company I work for recently launched their new corporate site and I designed it. The content isn’t much to scream about, but how many of you are designing web sites for multi-billion dollar companies? That’s right. Sit down.

There are still a few bugs to fix. Unfortunately, they lie within the navigation and didn’t show up during testing. Of course these problems only occur when you launch it for real. We’re having enough conflict that we’re thinking of replacing the JavaScript navigation with Flash.

Anyway, you can check it out here.

I’m gonna wrap it up because I don’t feel so good tonight. So to those of you I promise link exchanges to since Wednesday will have to wait a little while longer. Don’t fret. Wouldn’t you rather have the limelight on Monday when more people come to the site?

Anyway, Nick is back with another post. Play nice and I’ll see you here later.

↓ Transcript
Dude, why do we have to go to the mall to see this movie?

I told you - our regular place is being fumigated for silverfish.

I dunno. The mall makes me really uncomfortable. I can hardly recognize anyone in here.

Some of these people are damn scary lookin'!