I don’t really have a lot to say about this strip. It plays a lot like an inside joke to me because I’m taking a device I’ve been using a lot lately (i.e. dressing up the characters like those in popular films) and kind of turning it on it’s head. It doesn’t mean much if you haven’t been paying attention to the site recently.

I will say Cami laughed really hard for probably 10 minutes after looking at the strip tonight. I didn’t add any dialogue, but I think she was really caught off guard by the miniature version of myself sitting next to my regular self on the couch. Something about that she found hilarious.

I don’t have my review for My Big Fat Greek Wedding prepared yet, but I thought I would take a moment to post an e-mail I received in response to it. It comes from Jamie Kendall from over at The Magic Armadillo. I didn’t ask for permission to post these statements, so maybe if you visit the site a bunch of times, all will be forgiven.

Jamie is a fellow Iowan (albeit exiled at the moment) so there are some references to some specific locations here in the Des Moines area. That’s not the point. Absorb the brilliant sentiment of our shared hatred for this awful excuse of a chick flick. I felt Jamie did a good job of putting it into words.

i worked over the summer at the fleur cinema and cafe. it was a quality, fun, respectable independent theater, and i enjoyed my job immensely. about 2 weeks into my working there, we received a movie… a movie so hideously omnipresent as to cause myself and my friend and coworker sam to loathe its very presence. my big fat greek wedding lasted the ENTIRE TIME i was there, and every single goddamned week it outsold EVERY other movie, no matter how good every other movie was. now it’s time for winter break. i’m going to go back to iowa and work at the same theater. and greek wedding is STILL THERE. i hate that irreverent hour and a half of presence with a burning passion rivaling that of the sun. everywhere i go, i meet with nothing but good reviews. my manager, my parents, everybody but me, sam, my projectionist josh, and some guy i know who never saw it, loved it. and it is the bane of my existence. i curse its name when i go to work. every person who got a ticket to see it made me more and more lose all faith in humanity. it is my nemesis. i applaud you for speaking out against it, for love there is not between two such rivals as we and my mediocre skills warrant not an audience for which i can speak out properly my opinions.

I felt that pretty much summed it up. More later when I can get to it.

↓ Transcript
So Goldmember came out on DVD yesterday. What's the matter? Couldn't find a Dr. Evil costume in time so you could run around the house acting like a maniac?

What the hell do you even care? You don't even like that movie! Why don't you read one of your precious "books," whatever those are...

You know, Mini-Tom, sometimes Jared can be a real jerk.