Yo my name is Jared and I can’t rap
every time I try it just sounds like crap
some would say I’m doin’ it right
but if I were bread I’d sure be white!


Peace Outside Y’all

Okay, I must apologize for that. I just read Tom’s blog and decided to give the 8-Mile fans a little turd to put in their pockets and enjoy. Again, I’m sorry.

Last night my buddy Eric came over and we watched the wonderful meshing of Stephen King, Emilio Estevez, and AC/DC that is Maximum Overdrive. Angry Trucks!? Very enjoyable. Not good, but very enjoyable.

I have never met the guys from Troy’s Bucket, or really even communicated with them, but I saw them around town the other day. Where? Well, that’s the big mystery isn’t it? SHICK Shick shick AHH Ahh ahh.

On a different note, Video Update raised their prices! Now the 2 for 99 cents deal has been altered to 2 for $1.49! Don’t they understand my financial situation and my lusty desire to watch cheap movies! The deal has been altered and I’m praying like Lando that they don’t alter it any further.

Of course, movie rentals are free at the library. Oh well.