I have a habit of checking out the oddities page on Canada.com. Today I was surprised to find my home county in the news! Apparently we have a rat problem.

I went to 8-Mile on Saturday and was entertained. The main thing I didn’t like was the ending. I don’t think I am spoiling too much to say that this could have ended so much better than it did. What, did the writer inspire himself so much that he had to go be a rapper right this very second – before he could even finish the script? I enjoyed the rap battles and would have been okay seeing more. The sex scene however, was plenty long. Now I know what gratuitous means.

If you had planned on seeing 8-Mile, by all means go. But if you are just a casual movie goer, my advice is to wait for the rental.

Enough was this weekend’s rental. Though it received bad reviews I really enjoyed this movie. Watch this one with your sweetie.