Since today has become “Publicly Announce Your Love For Everything” Day, I thought it would be fun to post another picture of my beagle Truman.

Some of you might remember the strip I did a while ago and the blog that featured a picture of him as a pup. Well, here he is. All grown up. A robust 8 months old.

Truman has an ear infection right now, so he’s a little cranky. I’m a little cranky too after paying the vet bill. But I would never ask for a handout. That would be tacky.

Some might accuse me to pandering to their cute receptors by publishing an adorable picture of my dog, but I say he’s deserved the recognition. He’s been very good this week and has stopped chewing on the couch. Truman is a pretty smart dog. Just look how discreetly he covers up his “business” in the picture above.

So, anyway. I love my dog! He’s cool!