Well, it looks like most of the bru-ha-ha surrounding Monday’s blog has settled down. Things are returning to a relative state of normalcy. The hate mail has all but dried up and our traffic is back to pedestrian levels.

If anything, it’s been a real roller coaster of a week. Imagine my surprise when I pulled into the station where there was a letter from Greg Dean – creator of Real Life – waiting for me in my inbox!

Apparently Greg caught wind of the ruckus being made in his forums and thought he would check out the site. I won’t divulge everything that was said, but Greg was very complimentary to the strip. Very kind, very courteous – a real class act. There’s a reason his fans defend him so fiercely and it’s because he’s a damn nice guy. – Worthy of your respect. Pay him some now.

I’d love to chat more, but I’m just now peeking my head out from underneath a cloud of an intense sickness I’ve been suffering for the last few days. I’m taking a beating from a wicked cold. It feels like someone took me upside the head with a billyjack. Things are getting better, but right now I am very, very warm. Unseasonably warm.

You know when you have a fever that’s about to break, but to get there, you have to writhe through 8 hours of fitless sleep and night sweats? Well, I’m getting ready for that now. First I brush my teeth then its off to wrestle with the disease! Wish me luck!

↓ Transcript
I don't know why I'm so upset after seeing Red Dragon, doctor.

I mean, sure, Jared could have been more sensitive with the whole sandwich thing, but...

Hey, do I smell Mrs. Dash?

Um... No?

Oh, well. Anyway...