There’s a drastic image to start your morning off right!

I’m not usually one for over-arching violence or gore, but this all goes back to my Tex Avery sensibility in regards to unexpected or extreme cartoon violence. Pay no mind.

When I finished today’s strip, Cami told me she thought it looked like Jared and I were making out. I defy any of you to try drawing one person biting the face off another and have it not end up looking that way. If you can figure out a way to make it work, let me know.

The strip is updating later now due to the ongoing problems I’m having with my ISP. I was gone over the weekend, so I wasn’t able to work on it, but I did get a hold of a representative last night. Apparently there are still problems and “programmers” are going to get involved. This after I’ve already bought a replacement cable and a new ethernet modem. There better be a discount on my bill this week or I will be an unhappy camper.

This may be incredibly egotistical of me, but surfing around the net, I’ve found a few other strips in the community that are broaching the same subject matter I’ve covered in the last two weeks. Ironically, it isn’t who you’d expect.

Exhibit A: First, take a look at this strip discussing Harry Knowles from PVP which came out 10.06.2002.

And now, my strip which came out on 9.27.02 – a whopping 9 days earlier.

Exhibit B: Then there’s this strip over at Real Life where the characters chat about Ferris Bueler. This came out today, 10.7.2002

Then there is my strip which came out last week on 10.02.2002 – five full days prior.

To my knowledge, neither PVP or Real Life is a strictly movie-themed comic so they have to pull their ideas from somewhere. The subject matter is too specialized to be a coincidence. I mean, people aren’t just talking about Harry Knowles and Ferris Bueler for no good reason.

So my theory is this: Theater Hopper is so funny, Scott Kurtz and Greg Dean steal their ideas from me!

I believe my theory is sound for two reasons:

1. If Kurtz and Dean come back and sheepishly admit “Yea, we stole your ideas”, it will prove, once and for all, that I am “The Man”.

2. If it turns out I’m just high on suspicion and thousands of their fans flood my inbox with hate mail, I will at least have brought more traffic to the site.

It’s a win-win! At least until the avalanche of hate mail spews forth…

↓ Transcript
Red Dragon was okay, but Silence of the Lambs was better.

OH DEAR GOD!! *crunch!*