Make a promise, keep a promise. That’s what I always say.

If you stumbled in here today, you were probably making up for the strip you missed yesterday. How surprised you must be to find fresh content on the site! It’s all part of the Theater Hopper Thank You Celebration!

As thanks for seeing the site to #25 strips and over 5,500 unique hits in two months, we’re saturating your retinas with a WHOLE WEEK of new strips!

Will I ever get into the art house theater? Who is the ass with the ponytail? These questions and maybe… two more will be answered during the course of the week! Be sure to stop back EVERY DAY!

In other site-related news, Jared put together a piece of fan art for the site. I don’t have a place to house it yet, so everyone will just have to bide their time before I post it. But when I do, I promise to let you know.

Some incentive for me to both create an area for fan art and reason to post it can be greatly accentuated by YOUR participation! If you like to draw and want to send something in, mail it here and we’d be proud to post it.

Your work doesn’t have to be in strip format. It could be a portrait or maybe a one-panel joke. Obviously you would have to utilize our characters to be considered “fan art” – so no pictures of your Grandma. And please, no pictures of our characters doing unspeakable things to said relative.

With that out of the way, please enjoy the strip and our ever-growing collection in the archives!

↓ Transcript
So you mean to tell me because I'm not dressed a certain way, you won't admit me to see Depressed in Denmark?

That is correct, sir.

But I...





If you're done ripping off this tired Saturday Night Live bit, I'm calling the police now.