Sometime when it comes to adding new blog material, I will find myself at a loss. Then I remembered I have something to celebrate!

Over the weekend, I finally joined the 21st century and got myself a broadband internet connection. I was tired of slogging through the 56k trenches and proclaimed an upgrade was LONG overdue.

Of course, like everything else in my life, there were obstacles preventing me from getting broadband in my house. The dilemma were two-fold:

1.) I live in Iowa – the most technologically backwards state North of the Mason-Dixon line

2.) I live in the boonies – effectively crippling what small window I had of obtaining service.

Ultimately I went through a satellite internet service called Prairie I Net. It’s pretty cool. They attach this antenna to your house which pulls in the internet like a vortex from the upper atmosphere frequencies abandoned by UHF stations. It makes for good dinner conversation.

I love my new connection. It’s fast as hell. The only draw back is that they had to drill a hole in my house and snake a wire down from the pitch of my roof. Not exactly conspicuous. Cami said it looked very “white trash”. Ironic, sine this is actually quite a leap in technology.

Anyway, I just thought I would share the happy news.