Today’s strip features the introduction of a new character. Everyone, say hello to Nick! Now play nice.

Let’s not confuse Nick with our other theater employee Jimmy. Nick happens to be based on a real person. He’s a college buddy of mine – one of my best friends. So don’t start lumping him in with the fictitious characters because he wears a bow tie and vest.

Besides, I plan on featuring Nick in strips outside of a theater setting.

Nick lives in Minneapolis just like some people I know and he actually works in a theater. He’s a projectionist at the movie theater at the Mall of America. I draw Nick with a bored expression because he’s about 20 times too smart for this job. He’s a recent college grad just getting his start, so if anyone has use for an awesome writer in the Minneapolis area, let me know and I’ll pass along the message to him.

The more astute readers out there might have picked up on the hint of Comic Book Guy I injected into the character in panel three. This is wholely intention as I feared I hadn’t made a Simpsons reference on the site in a while. Plus, it seemed to make narrative sense.

I was going to make mention of the season premier of the Las Vegas Real World that debuted last night, but it’s a waste of effort and I’d rather leave room for Jared’s blog.

In the meantime, everyone should be listening to Tomahawk if they aren’t already. Mike Patton is illest!

↓ Transcript
Nick! I didn't know you worked here!

Yeah, lucky me.

Wow! How great would it be to work at a movie theater? Surrounded by Hollywood magic all day long! I bet you've got a ton of great stories from this place!

Hmm? Uh-huh. Sure.

Hey, moron! I thought I told you I wanted FIVE squirts of nacho cheese on top of my popcorn - not TWO!

Yessir! Coming right up, sir!

Yep, surrounded by magic all day long.