Everyone remembers the Benbots, right? Looks like Jared might have missed one!

Apologies for the lack of in-depth blog this morning. I stayed up really late on Tuesday night putting this together. I hope you guys appreciate some of the different visual tricks I'm trying. I was just getting sick of the 4 panel routine, especially after the first few strips that set up this arc. Seems to be what I resort to during these longer arcs. Time for action!

At any rate, I won't have an opportunity to update the blog until later tonight. So I can't share with you the winners of the first-week Truman doll giveaway until then. Rest assured, the names are coming and maybe a new photo of the little dickens, too!

Until then, I just wanted to point out that I've updated the sales drive bar above the comic and staggeringly, we're almost one-half of the way there! I'm amazed! More and more people appear to be getting their copies of "Year One" in the mail and have been really enjoying them. So they've been quick to place their pre-order for "Year Two." I'm getting lots of positive feedback on the commentaries for each strip. Several people have told me it's what makes the book worth buying. That makes me feel really good. I didn't think I could get away with trying to sell a book with strips you could get online for free. Adding the commentaries was done intentionally to add value to the finished piece. It looks like it's paying off - you guys are really enjoying it! Thank you!

Gotta wrap this up. But I'll be back later tonight!