Writing today’s blog last night while I was feeling wistful and reflecttive wasn’t necessarily a bad decision, but it precluded me from mentioning something important and that is for all of you to visit our latest sponsor Yirmumah!

I love Yirmumah! but I’m proabably the last person in the world to get on the bandwagon. I mean, I knew the comic was out there, but I never really explored it until after I joined ranks with my brothers at Boxcar Comics. Now I’m in up to my eyeballs with it and loving every second of it!

Although I’m sure DJ would appreciate the compliments, I’m afraid heaping too much praise onto his wholly original and hilarious comic will reveal me for the noob I am. But I’ve already kind of admited it as much, so what’s the shame in giving kudos where kudos are due?

Yirmumah! is the kind of comic that I would like to write if I weren’t locked into the timeliness and the thematic perameters of the genre I chose for Theater Hopper. DJ can really go all over the map with his stuff. Everything ranging from fights with his wife to Bill O’Reilly  being spit on by a venomous cobra. Always great energy in his strips and I can’t think of a single one is his archive that didn’t make me laugh or at least smile. It’s very clever and you need to check it out.

In reference to the little pity party above, I have to say thank you to those who have already send letters of encouragement. I was actually kind of surprised that anyone would take the time to write, but I shouldn’t have been because you guys are always awesome.

Sometimes you get so close to your work that you have trouble envisioning what it must look like through someone else’s eyes. I think it’s important to note that I don’t write my comics in terms of what I think will go over well. I don’t go for that "creativity by committee" thing and I don’t assume anyone else with a creative outlet would stand for it, either.  I try to write for myself first. If I can make myself laugh with a concept I’ve come up with, then it should go over fairly well on the site. On the days when I don’t come up with something that makes me laugh, I try to push it as far as I can and hope it goes over. I think the disparity of this situation is that there have only been a handful of comics that – for me – really worked well. But it never occured to me that the pressure I put on myself is not something that factors into your enjoyment of the strip. By that I mean, people have written in and complimented me on stuff that they thought was brilliant and I thought was par for the course. So it goes to show that not only am I my own worst critic, but I have crappy taste in my own material!

At any rate, thanks to everyone for their support. I’m still very much excited about Theater Hopper, I just want to be able to do more. I have a lot of stuff in works for the site, but how awesome would it be if I could do this full time. I think I would find the work very fullfilling.

Here’s to doing what we can with the time we’re given. Cheers.