Wow! When I announced on Tuesday that I was looking for guest strips to help flesh out the last few weeks of Theater Hopper, I didn’t think I would receive a comic the very same day.

But that’s exactly what Josh Anderson from Worsted for Wear pulled off – and it’s hilarious!

If you’re kind of new to the site and don’t remember David, I encourage you to check out his first appearance from back in 2006.

What follows is a short story arc that takes to task the interesting phenomenon in webcomics at the time where household appliances were gaining sentience and becoming full-fledged cast members. I always thought the idea was kind of dumb, so I wanted to poke at it a little bit. I did that by quickly killing David off four strips later.

I wrote David back into the strip briefly in a story line where Shia LaBeouf used him to attack Tom. It was a case of mistaken identity.

The story line was actually a fabrication on Tom’s part to explain how he had damaged his hand and had to go to the emergency room. That was my funny way of incorporating a real-life injury I had inflicted on myself back in 2009. So David’s appearance was more of a cameo than an actual reappearance. I assure you, he’s still dead.

So, now that we’re all up to speed on David, take a minute to thank Josh for his excellent work and check out his comic Worsted for Wear!

Thanks, Josh!

↓ Transcript
Wow! Seeing all these old faces and making peace with everyone, it kind of feels like everything's comic full circle.

It is I, David the DVD player, here to wish good tidings upon your child from beyond the grave?


You know, DAVID, talking DVD player?

I randomly came to life about six years ago?

Got hit by a truck?

Sorry, drawing a blank.

Oh... well, I guess I'll just go then.

Well, see you Darrin!

It's David!