Vote for Theater Hopper at Top Web Comics

This is a little annoying, but I have to throw it out there.

It’s a new month, which means the voting tallies have been reset at Top Web Comics. If you could throw a vote Theater Hopper’s way, I would appreciate it.

We did pretty well last month. We managed to crack the Top 100 and had a comfortable spot at 97 on the list as the year closed out. I think that’s pretty amazing for a comic that only updates once a week. Please continue to keep up the great work. Vote from home, vote from work, vote from your smart phone – it all counts. And don’t forget to VOTE DAILY. That’s the most important part. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to do it. That’s why I draw those incentive images, don’t you know? They’re a little reward. Wanna see today’s comic through the eyes of the snowflake? Just click on this link to vote and you can!

As for the comic, yeah, I know that New Year’s Eve has come and gone. I wanted to do something a little romantic. Don’t hold it against me.

Normally I take stock at the end of the year and reflect a little bit. I did some of that last week, but I didn’t indulge in the deep dive I normally take. I guess that’s because my what I want to say about Theater Hopper in 2011 and what Theater Hopper will look like in 2012 doesn’t neatly line up with celestial events. I have a lot to say about the topic, but now doesn’t feel right. Maybe I’m putting it off a little bit – avoiding it. But I also want to make sure what comes next is expressed correctly. I don’t want to leave any confusion or doubt in your minds.

Annoyingly vague enough for you? Don’t worry. Explanations will be forthcoming. Consider this comic a taste of what 2012 looks like.

Let’s avoid the movie commentary for right now and just let it speak for itself a little bit. The rest will reveal itself soon.

I wish the very most to you and yours in 2012. May the New Year greet you warmly. I will talk to you soon.