Earlier in the week, Fox released a teaser video promoting the soon-to-be released trailer for the Alien prequel Prometheus. That’s a bit of unconventional marketing. Basically taking the teaser aspect of promotion out of the hands of Entertainment Tonight, or what have you. It made me excited to watch the first trailer and write about it here.

Then I watched it.

The trailer isn’t bad, really. I just had a hard time latching on to it – I think because of how the title card came up so slowly in front of the rapid, flickering images from the film.

Maybe it was a clever tactic to get people to pour over every frame and study the trailer like an ancient text. I just don’t have the time for that kind of stuff, man.

Luckily, Movieline does. They posted 50 stills from the trailer that you probably want to check out.

I’ll be honest… looking at those stills made me more excited for Prometheus than watching the trailer did.

What was your reaction to the Prometheus trailer? Leave your comments below!