It’s probably not fair to call Pixar’s new movie Brave “Scottish Mulan,” but I the comparison leaps immediately to mind.

Okay, okay. So Mulan wasn’t a princess, or whatever. But you know where I’m coming from.

Would you feel better if I said it looked like it was mining the same territory as >How To Train Your Dragon? Or, in the very least, possessing some visual symmetry?

I feel like I’m being disproportionally harsh on Brave and without just cause. Maybe it’s some kind of tic I’ve developed from being a Pixar fanboy for the last 15 years. I’m pretty much 100% positive that Brave will be awesome, so perhaps this is just an exercise in expressing my contrarian underpinnings.

Either way, you should probably watch the trailer – because it’s pretty awesome and I can’t wait to see it and omiGAWD!…