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  1. David

    Love love LOVE that last panel.

  2. daniel

    that last panel is AWESOME!

  3. Jeremy

    EXCELLENT job, Tom. This comic looks fantastic.

  4. Paul

    That was exactly what I said, out loud, when I first saw the trailer for Real Steel. “They’re making… Rock’em Sock’em Robots… into a MOVIE!? AWESOME!” My 14 year old son just stared at me…

    Yes, I will see it. I am also 7 with a car. I plan on taking a few other 40-somethings with me

  5. thenoirguy


    • Tom

      Where’s the like button on this thing?… 😀

    • Tom

      I liked this comment so much, I installed a comment rating plugin to the site?


  6. bryan

    The last panel is fantastic.

    So for Hungry, Hungry Hippo the movie; do you see Lidsay Lohan making it a come back film about a conservationist in Africa getting people to work with nature (feel good drama) or do you see it as a Megan Fox vehicle where the hippos are on a rampage and she is the great white hunter to save the day. (horror/suspense)

    • Tom

      The part of the Hungry Hungry Hippo will be played by Lohan.

      The part of the “food pellets” will be played by cocaine.

  7. Jack

    Wait.. is it NOT Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots: The Movie? I totally thought it was a licensed adaptation. That was the first thing I thought when I watched the trailer.

  8. nekra

    I also lost the last panel very colorful. real steel was also loosely (very loose at that) on the richard matheson story. like its so lose there is none of the original story left but they still give him credit lol.

  9. Historyman68

    As I said recently, I love your layouts! The way the top panels are really narrow makes the last panel feel even bigger and more energetic!

  10. JBL

    When I saw the trailer I annoyed everyone around me by asking “What, are they doing Matheson’s story?” like anyone there but me knew anything about Matheson’s story. The original Twilight Zone did it and did it well in under a half hour; that screams “big-budget bloat” to me, in a big budgeted, bloated sort of way.

    See the TZ version here

    THat said, I always liked Rockem Sockem Robots, and Don Martin himself couldn’t best that last panel. Sheesh!

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