The Hangover Part II, Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zack Galifinakis, sequel, Bankok

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  1. Wombat

    It wasn’t terrible. I laughed out loud a few times. But if you’ve seen the first one, there’s no reason to rush out and see this one. There’s nothing inherently quotable in it that you’ll be missing out on at the water-cooler or anything. They do literally do the “This exact thing happened to us before” bit, but the problem is, they do it a few times. Once is a kind of funny poke at the fact that it’s the same plot…three times and you’re just pushing it at that point.

  2. Molnek

    It’s a decent movie, I’d say the best parts are before they have the crazy night, and the monkey. Other than that you could refer to both movies with one description.

  3. Bryan Green

    I’m glad you went for the idea on the comic! It turned out great.

    The Hangover 2 was very enjoyable as long as you go into it knowing it is the same movie with a different setting. I feel like sometimes “More of the same” isn’t always a terrible thing. Would I have preferred something fresher? Of course I would have. Did I have a good time though? Of course I did.

    I enjoyed that this one was much darker than the first. Every time they said “Bangkok has him” or something to that effect I got a lump in my throat. It seemed that their actions had more serious consequences behind them this time around. I recommend it, just don’t be surprised when you think that it all seems familiar.

    And whatever happened to the supposed Bill Clinton cameo? Did that fall through?

  4. trevor

    I actually found Bridesmaids to be more funny than Hangover 2.

  5. someone

    After I saw it I was just wondering how they would even get to the next blackout crazy night if they were to try for another one. You see, in the beginning of this movie they were very careful about anything they drank around Zach’s character so they could avoid getting drugged, and then *minor spoiler* the drugs were in something they ate. So I figure that the next time these guys are together you know they’re going to be extra careful about anything that they might eat or drink. What other way is there for them to accidentally get drugged though?

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