Picked up this gem from Noah Garfinkel over at Best Week Ever who (I guess, in turn) picked it up from The High Definite. Hey, credit where credit is due.

Anyway, it’s called “The Art of the Title” – a short montage put together by Ian Albinson for SXSW that is pretty much as-advertised. A series of movie titles displayed chronologically that will (as Garfinkel puts it) “going to make you want to watch movies right now.”

As a graphic designer and a movie buff, I couldn’t agree more. Albinson’s short film lands in the sweet spot where those two spheres of my Venn diagram intersect.

If you’d like to learn more about The Art of the Title, they have a web site where they describe themselves as “A compendium and leading web resource of film and television title design from around the world. We honor the artists who design excellent title sequences.” Check it out!