As you may have heard, a new Toy Story short is supposed to appear in front of Cars 2 this summer. If you haven’t already seen it, here’s a short clip.

As you can see, Ken thinks that he’s in Hawaii, when he’s really just in Bonnie’s room. But unable to deal with Ken’s disappointment, the rest of the toys recreate Hawaii in the room for him. One will assume hilarity will ensue.

Normally it bugs the crap out of me when people cast doubt over Pixar’s efforts. It’s usually a case of sour grapes or people being tired of Pixar being awesome all the time. So it pains me to admit that I think it’s a little too soon to see Buzz, Woody and the gang again.

I mean, I’m sure the short will be hilarious. Heck. If it was were seven minutes of Ken throwing poses and saying “Why, hello there…” it would be hilarious. Michael Keaton OWNS that character.

All I’m saying is… give us a chance to miss you.


What are your thoughts about the new short? Leave your comments below!